Ithaca College - BS in Cinema and Photography
      Cameras: Sony F65, Venice and FS-series cameras, RED Epic-X and W, Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro, Panasonic GH5, Nikon and Canon DSLRs, Aaton XTR Prod, ARRI Amira, Alexa and Arriflex 416, SR3
      Software: Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X
Director of Photography
      Maison Toussaint Commercial (2018) - Dir. Kevin Esnault
      Heafele Connect Internet Commercial (2018) - Dir. Abby Hauptman
      The Afterparty: How to use LinkedIn in your college to career transition (2018), Ithaca College Alumni Relations and Rob Humphrey (LinkedIn)
      Dance for Me (2018) - Dir. Franny Bernstein - Sony F65
      Too Far In (2018) - Dir. Casey Dennison  - Red Epic-X/Ursa Mini Pro
      What Happens to a Caterpillar (2017) - Dir. Franny Bernstein - Ursa Mini Pro
      Vagabond (2017) - Dir. Addison Rolleri
      Twill Commercial (2016) - Prod. Majestic Media
Director, Cinematographer, and Editor
      Promo for Passport for Good (2018)
      Indiegogo video for CladNetwork (2017)
      Stockade District Video for Preservation League of New York (2017)
Camera Operator
      Homies: Season 1, Episode 3 (2019, Web Series) - Dir. Julie Petrusak, DP. Jermaine Burrowes      
      A Calling (2018, Feature) - Dir. Nick J. Viscio, (Camera Op for Select Interviews in 2016)
1st Assistant Camera
      #MYNATORI Bra (2019, Commercial) - Dir./DP. Jennifer Massaux, Prod. CoolGraySeven - Sony FS7    
      Arissa Cheo (2019, Doc) - Dir./DP. Jennifer Massaux, Prod. New York Times Style Magazine Singapore- Sony FS7
      Coach “Words Matter” (2019, Commercial) - Dir. Jackson and Satchel Lee, DP. Sam Cutler-Kreutz - Arri Alexa Mini
      WHY? (2018, Music Video) - Dir. Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, DP. James Siewart - RED Epic-W​​​​
      AlunaGeorge “Cold Blooded Creatures” (2018, Music Video) - Dir. Rubberband., DP. Sam Cutler-Kreutz - Arri Alexa Mini
      Gracie Nash “Better Off” (2018, Music Video) - Dir. Ed Hellman, DP. Dan Phakos - Sony FS7
      Shoplifters of the World (B-cam 1st AC, 2018, Feature) - Dir. Stephan Kijak, DP. Andrew Wheeler, Prod. Joe Manganiello - Arri Alexa Mini
      Are We Good? (2018, Short) - Dir. Sebastian Mlynarski, DP. Jackson Eagan - Sony Venice
      The Tutor (2018, Short) - Dir. Josh Buoy, DP. Benji Dell, Prod. Snowday LLC - Arri Alexa Classic
      Android TV commercial (2018) - Dir. Roddy Hyduk, DP. Sam Cutler-Kreutz, Prod. Snowday LLC - RED Epic-X     
      Rockwell Automation Commercial (2018) - Dir. Jesse Hieb, DP. Ryan Bingham, Prod. Aquent Studios - Sony FS7
      The Hills Ablaze (2018, Feature) - Dir. Stephen Parnigoni, DP. Sam Cutler-Kreutz - ARRI Arriflex 416, SR3
      Over Easy (2018, Short) - Dir. Nathan Breton, DP. Andi Obarski - RED Epic-W
      Distant Interiors (2018, Short) - Dir. Kieu Anh Truong, DP. Changhee Chun - Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro
      The Library (2018, Commercial) - Dir. Clara Montague, DP. Jackson Eagan, Prod. Regal Cinemas and Coca-Cola - RED Epic-X​​​​​​​
 Assistant Camera
      Familiar (2019, Short) - Dir. Yuqi Wang, DP. Ke Ren Fang
Digital Imaging Technician 
      E! True Hollywood Story (2018, TV, NYC Unit) - DP. Sandra, Prod. E! Network and NBCUniversal
Camera PA
      Planned Parenthood Commercial (2018) - Dir. Shruti Ganguly, DP. Valentina Caniglia, Prod. Honto88
      Steven: "Sorcery" (2018, Commercial) - Dir. Mark Potoka, DP. Jackson Eagan - Arri Amira
Grip and Electric
      Bristol Fashion (2018, Feature) - Dir. Pierre Guillet, DP. Tim Foster​​​​​​​
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